• ALTGCA shall provide the vendor with sales space during the 2018 Bossier City-Shreveport Show to be held at the Bossier City Civic Center, located in Bossier City, LA, on SEPTEMBER 8 th and 9 th, 2018, subject to the following conditions:

  • DEPOSIT OF AT LEAST 50% required with application | BALANCE DUE by AUGUST 1, 2018

    NOTE: No floor plan will be available until three (3) days prior to the show date. Subleasing of an assigned space is prohibited.
    NOTE: KEEP A COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS TO VALIDATE THIS AGREEMENT AND RETURN ONE COPY OF THIS AGREEMENT SIGNED BY THE VENDOR, WITH THE INITIAL REMITTANCE. TO: Ark-La-Tex Gun Collectors Assn., PO Box 83, Keithville, LA 71047 Contact: Show Director, Thad Greer at 318-458-6250 or email: The vendor may cancel this agreement at any time before AUGUST 1 th, 2018 and, the vendor may be refunded all deposit payments at the discretion of the ALTGCA. In the event of fire, strikes or other unavoidable occurrences that renders the space unfit for use, all fees will be refunded. No refund of deposit after AUGUST 15,2018 except in case of emergency and proper notification to the Show Director.
  • My signature below signifies that I have read both pages, understand and agree to comply with all the rules stated in this application.

  • 2 + 7 =
  • Raffles/games of chance, trading cards, or illegal weapons ARE NOT ALLOWED. ALL firearms shall be unloaded, prior to arrival and secured with zipties. Nothing is allowed to extend into the aisles.

    All spaces will be ready for occupancy by vendor by 1:00pm, Friday, SEPTEMBER 7th 2018. Sign in and Set up will be Friday sept.7th from 1:00 pm to 6:00pm. The hours of the show will be from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday and 10 AM to 4 PM on Sunday. All spaces shall be staffed during the show hours. Vendor agrees to not begin packing up until show closes on Sunday @ 4:00pm.

    The vendor shall be responsible for the protection and security of the vendors’ property in his/her assigned space. ALTGCA shall provide 24-hour police security for building and surrounding areas. The vendor shall hold the ARK-LA-TEX GUN COLLECTORS ASSN, and the CITY OF BOSSIER CITY, harmless from any claim or liability for loss or damages occurring during the occupancy of the assigned space and on or in the premises owned by the city of Bossier City.

    The vendor shall not nail, screw or otherwise affix in any manner any object to any column, wall, floor or any other part of the building. In the event that the vendor shall violate this condition, he/she shall be held liable for and pay for all damages resulting from said violation.

    Upon closing of the show, the vendor shall remove all property and equipment, without damage to the Bossier City Civic Center or its property by7 PM, on SEPTEMBER 9th, 2018. Those failing to meet this requirement SHALL be required to pay additional building occupation and security fees.

    At no time shall the vendor bring in to his assigned space, or the Bossier City Civic Center, any alcoholic beverage or animal (with the exception of a seeing-eye dog, other certified therapy/assistance animal or approved by ALTGCA Show Director in advance).