Gun & Knife Show Rules and Regulations

SAFETY IS ALWAYS OUR FIRST GOAL. All vendors and visitors must be diligent and mindful to ensure a safe firearm environment. The Fire Department requires that long guns must not protrude into the aisles.
Items that are permitted include: rifles, pistols, shotguns, ammunition, cartridges, all accouterments and accessories, hunting, fishing, and outdoor sporting goods.
Items that are NOT permitted include: raffles/chance tickets, blow guns, ceramics, baseball/sports cards, noisy clocks, political or pornographic materials, tobacco products, lighted candles or open flames of any kind.
The Show Director reserves the right to have any materials removed that are offensive or against the Ark-La-Tex Gun Collectors Association By-Laws or Civic Center rules. Federal, State, and Local laws must be observed.
State and Local taxes must be collected on all sales. (5% for state and 5% for local - total of 10%)